Andrew Tong Art


I was born in Croydon, South London, England. Both my parents served during WW2, my dad as an anti-aircraft gunner in the navy in Burma and my mum was a worker in a munitions factory during the Blitz in South London. I grew up around WW2 veterans, heard their stories and that always had a large influence on my work and I developed a great interest in history early on. I have also always drawn and painted right from an early age. And combined with a vivid imagination I drew a lot of fantasy especially monsters. My mother always thought they were good but wished I would draw something nice and normal with a tad less weirdness.
Some of the people that inspired me over the years:
1. My uncle Mick: When I was a kid he used to paint these fantastic murals on Hot Rods and custom cars. He was very good at painting skulls, I remember, he also gave me my first set of oil paints when I was about ten.
2. My art teacher Anne Kay at school: She encouraged me to pursue a career in art.
3. Patrick Woodruffe: A fantasy artist whose work I always found very inspiring.
My preferred medium is painting in oils. The tones and its blending capabilities suit the way I paint very well. I am also very fond of working in pencil which fits in with my detailed approach to work. Lately I have been fine-tuning and manipulating images I have painted on the computer and also work with digital collages using old photographs. I stayed away from computers for years, thinking it was cheating. But now I wish I would have used one years ago, it is a great medium.

As a freelance artist I have worked on private commissioned pieces for clients in portraiture, fantasy, illustrative, gallery showings as well as in the field of decorative art as a project manager. I lived in Canada for over 20 years, but moved to Jena, Germany in 2012.

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